Wednesday, December 22, 2004

2 days ago I turned 36

My life will never be the same.

I've been married for 12 years to the smartest, kindest and most beautiful woman I've ever seen. My son turned 10 months old, and humbles me every day. I am no longer afraid of 13, and perhaps one three is a lucky number...

I decided to start writing down my goals because I've been taught if you do, you'll be 1/2 way there. Seems easy enough, dot dot dot. I've also hear that the most successful people around the world, the almighty 20% of the 80% in every population, are focused on: short, mid and long term goals. (Maybe that was in the 1-Min Mgr books?). In my early 30's I digested a myriad of facts before me so as to "secure" a the dream of comfortable retirement. Only to find it's all just gambling requiring leverage: stocks, 401k, business, etc. Others, learn this earlier, so I figure I'm just a late bloomer. Point being, be proactive instead of reactive to situations you have a modicum of control. After all, our lives are a chain of choices bound together with knowledge, experience and laughter. That's assuming you're fortunate, free and decisive enough to make your own choice. Do you?

See, that wasn't hard was it. Great job!

As if I gno. Are you still listening? (Interesting). I can see how this *blogging* can be pretty self-fulfilling. Maybe a bit therapeutic too. Kind of like how I tear-someone apart in writing an E-mail response before I clean it up and make it more presentable. I think that's what protocol means.

Diaries of the Mad. Hear me! Enter the age of electronic and alter egos. More doors in the mind that should be left shut. Until someone turns the power off. What a play. Anyway, I want to wrap up my first blog to see if this will be of any value to me, you and the forest we live in. But for now, I'm going for a swim under that beautiful waterfall, near Momma Bear and her cubs. Why don't you put the smoke-out and beer-down and join me?